About Emmanuelle Gauthier


Biography by Richard Vine, Editor at Large at Art in America

Born in 1971, Emmanuelle Gauthier is a French fine arts photographer who has lived and worked in New York since 1994. She studied photography at the Ecole des BeauxArts in Paris, as well as film structure and production techniques at the Université de Paris VIII.

Her training also includes history of photography classes with George Pitts, the photo editor of Vibe magazine. Thereafter, working on independent productions, she assisted director Eric Ceret on his documentary Diaries and director Mark Humphrey on numerous music videos.

As a freelance photographer, Emmanuelle Gauthier has contributed to numerous publications such as: Citizen k, Spoon, Trace, Zing, The Fadder, Trax, Madame Figaro, Dazed & Confused, and Pure.

Among her commissions are ad campaigns for Audemars Piguet, Fred Sathal, and Totem. Emmanuelle Gauthier’s images – of airports, clubs, city streets, and glamorous youths – often imbue their subjects with a dreamy allure. Her figures smoke and drink in louche surroundings; some pose with clothes laid on top of their bodies rather than worn normally. All seem too hip for love or grief. Yet their bohemian chic is inseparable from a pervading sense of desolation – as if the emptiness of the jetways had entered every aspect of life for these young urban nomads.

Most recently, Emmanuelle Gauthier completed a compilation video of interviews with several New York based artists with whom she has an aesthetic affinity: Andres Serrano, Dennis Oppenheim, Scott Hug, and others.

Here scenes from the urban environment, including the living and working spaces of the artists, are punctuated by shots of a sleek building lobby and highly reflective revolving door emblems, in effect, of the hardness, gloss, and transitoriness of life in New York’s often impersonal milieu.

Emmanuelle Gauthier has previously exhibited in New York City at Marcus Ritter Gallery, Nikolai Fine Art Gallery, Egizio’s project, Cynthia Broan galleries. And in Hong Kong at the Institute of Matter gallery.