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By Emmanuelle Gauthier
Parson School of Design, NYC

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About Me

In her latest series Plastic Baroque, Emmanuelle Gauthier explores  the latest techniques of digital manipulation to create a refined and  glamorous body of work. Layering lush imagery and sensibility of European and American painting to create contemporary photographs of intricate beauty. 

Her composition is  simultaneously dense and fluid with rich coloration and painterly  quality. Emmanuelle explores a favorite subject in different hues, her candy  colors entice the viewer. Creating a dreamy allure the images are  charged with a Baroque sensibility, seducing the viewer with fairytale  settings and subtle luminosity.


­Incorporating painting into my photography and using special transfer  techniques I give them the look of a colorized daguerreotype.

Adding a single color to the entire image, the color then becomes as  important as the image. I’m mostly draw to French Baroque and 19 century  American landscape painting. The vibrancy of the colors and the  plexiglass presentation gives this series a contemporary sleek and  plastic feel…Combining the old with new I reinterpret classical imagery  into a modern, original and enigmatic aesthetic. Emmanuelle Gauthier New York, 2006­ 



Art Gallery


Parson School of Design, NYC - SVA, NYC


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+44 7902 99 2672